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I’ve been investing in real estate for years. Heck, I became financially free with my first 6-figure residual income at the age of 26 thanks to real estate. 

I went on to help others do the same, and together we have transacted hundreds of millions in real estate. But real estate at its best grows at 10-25%/yr. Which IS pretty impressive… 


Rather than buying homes and renting them to people, I learned how to buy small super computers and rent them out to the new internet.

My Digital Real Estate pays me Blockchain rewards

If you want to know how to buy a $3,000 computer and have it pay you digital rewards…I get it. I wanted to know too—now I own hundreds of them and earn daily rewards from each computer every month.

Wait…How does it do work?!

In 2009, a new technology launched a new internet called Blockchain. Blockchain is a new, secure, unhackable internet that encrypts and decrypts information.

The digital real estate I’m talking about—the super computers—connects to the Blockchain and donates their computing power to encrypt and decrypt information on the blockchain. Each computer is paid in digital currency depending on how many transactions it performs. My friends and I earn digital rewards every month with these computers that host the new internet 2.0

These computers are owned by everyday people, people like you and me, all over the world. This diverse ownership is what makes the blockchain unhackable. Someone would have to hack hundreds of computers all over the world AT THE SAME TIME to break in on a single transaction. Right now, that’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Still unsure? Check out our full length presentation in the video below.
Opportunity strikes when disruptive technology launches
This is the way the world works now: Some tech-nerd develops new technology that changes everything. Check out the strange pattern in these examples:
    Check out how easy it is to digital rewards with this…
    You need three things to make this work:
    The company I have partnered with gives everyone the opportunity, anywhere in the world, to do this.
    Get Digital Rewards Every Day
    The Blockchain pays you in bitcoin every single day.  

    Your pay comes down to your cost of power, how fast your machine works, and the trading value of bitcoin. 

    While I love my other investments, not all investments are created equally. This Blockchain super computer digital real estate has given me a part of the real Silicone Valley opportunity. 
    Getting Started
    I have access to the cheap power, the facilities to host your equipment, and the tech team to take care of it all…IF WE HAVE GEAR AVAILABLE.

    This is the challenge—almost nobody in the world gets it yet, but the large titans of industry do get it, and they are jumping in like crazy. Sometimes it’s easy to get equipment and sometimes it’s not.

    So if you want to get more information, put in an order, or get on my waiting list, fill out the information below. Please also estimate how many of the $3,000 computers you are interested in. (There is a limit on the amount you can purchase so I can help as many get involved with this opportunity as possible.)

    Check your email once you submit your request; I will send you a video with more information. You’ll also receive a phone call from a member of my team.
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